English Theater 8c

For four weeks, the eighth grade took part in the “English Theater“ project. We learned about drama from Monday until Thursday. The teachers were called Emily and James.                 

On Thursday evening, we had a performance in front of our parents. We created a lot of short theater plays with advertising and small dancing included. We all had a lot of fun but all of us were relieved when it was over, too. We played a lot of games, some children did not like it, but I think the project was okay.

On Friday, we cleaned everything up and had a debriefing. Afterwards, we all ate together and it was a very nice atmosphere. I think all of us did not learn that much from it, but it still was a lot of fun. Maybe we could have played a bit more theater and be prepared better for the performance, but all in all, it was great and a very nice experience! All the people there were very friendly and helpful.

I liked it very much!

Jonna Sternberger, 8c